About Us

Executive Summary

TechCare Investment cc, trading as TechCare Group now, is a 100% Namibian company founded in January 2014 based in Windhoek Northern Industrial District as a PCB repair company. TechCare Group has expanded its operations in the areas of Data Privacy Protection, Business Intelligence, and IoT by partnering with an international vendor.

In comparison to current offerings, we believe in building long-term relationships founded on integrity, performance, value, and satisfaction. Our efforts, we are confident, will meet or exceed your expectations.

Our Mission & Core Values


Building on our technologies and competencies creating value for our customers. We’ll achieve this by focusing on the intersection of our client’s emerging needs and the acceleration of business and technological change.


Endeavour to create and support an infrastructure of data service with secure and authorized access.


  1. Innovation
  2. Accessibility and Simplicity.
  3. Speed and Organization
  4. Trust and Security
  5. Communication and Customer Service


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About Us TechCare by Warten weg

Company Roadmap

2010 TO 2013

TechCare Investment was established as a solo propriety, replacing cellphone charging blocks, replacing screens and batteries.

2014 TO 2018

Two of our members went to Jinzhou University of Technology in China to study computer science and PCB engineering.

2019 TO 2021

Sylvanes Rumeta joined TechCare as a Director of the company with 7 years’ experience in the ICT industry.


TechCare introduce new service’s , Namely Data Privacy, Wifi solution , IoT solution, Business and Artificial Intelligence


TechCare Group will launch TechStream