What We Do

We offer the following Service In Namibia and we also Train company workers in the following areas listed below.

Active Intelligence
Account Analytics
Process Optimization
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Twitter Analytics
Time Management
Actionable Insight

Making You More Competitive With Data

Business Intelligence, We strengthen your ability to execute your competitive advantage systematically across all areas of your business.

As a specialist data integration company, our data management and processing capabilities are core to our success.

No-code data replication at scale
No-code data warehouse automation
No-code data lake automation
No-code data catalogs and governance

The Value Of No Code:

Speed to automation
Adhered automated standards
Adhered automated quality
Adhered automated maintenance
Configuration driven… manage the rules not the code…
Prevent vendor lock-ins – change technology tomorrow…


Don’t wish to manage your own infrastrucute on-premise? Manage it yourself as a SaaS model or let us manage it for you.

We provide vendor hosted SaaS solutions. Scale as large as you need with these feature packed SaaS license options.

  • Vendor hosted SaaS options for Qlik & Microsoft Azure
  • Ready deployments of your data and analytics requirements
  • On-premise SaaS hybrid models
  • Secure data transports
  • Self-managed tenants

Vendor SaaS solutions include options such as:

  • Data movement at scale
  • Analytics Deployments
  • Alerting
  • Reporting
  • AI powered insights

Looking for some economies of scale cost savings? We’ve got you covered!

We deploy fully automated cloud solution within hours or days!

We provide single, multi and/or hybrid cloud deployment options.

  • We automate your cloud migrations at scale
  • We provide pure SaaS or an add-on to your on-premise as a hybrid model
  • We provide cloud hosting services
  • We provide a outsourced managed service

Cloud Hosting

Need us to host your data integration and data analytics solutions for you with  covered managed services? We provide private and public cloud hosting options.

We work actively with the following cloud providers and can add any preferred provider as needed:

We have implemented thousands of analytical applications for our customers ranging from reporting type implementations to very complex statistical and machine learning analytics.

  • Data processes
  • Data transformations
  • Data visualizations
  • Data automations
  • Data self-service analytics
  • Embedded analytics
  • Active Intelligence analytics & controls
  • Automated Reporting

As a multi award winning data integration and advanced analytics company our implementation services are second to none!

  • Advisory services
  • Data management maturity assessments
  • Data management services (strategy, governance, quality etc.)
  • Data integration automation
  • Analytical & reporting solution implementations
  • Advanced analytical (AI/ML) implementations
  • Active Intelligence solutions
  • IoT, Blockchain based solutions
  • Cloud and SaaS migrations
Our Methods

We follow CRISP-DM methodology which ensures we control our process throughout  engagements. CRISP-DM ensures we assess, specify, execute, test and deploy within our agile implementation framework.

We have a 100% success rate!

We perform remote classroom training services.

  • Product Trainings
  • User Training
  • Self-Service Training
  • Data Modelling Training
  • Dashboard In a Day Training
  • Methodology/Solution Training